Clinician Testimonials

I think the best thing about using the McKenzie technique is that it keeps things simple. It is great to see your patient's response when they realise that focussing on one specific exercise can make a such a difference to their symptoms, especially when they have tried multiple other things in the past. I also love the education component and I think that once you can explain to the patient why they have been given a particular exercise to do, then their compliance improves straight away. 

Kathryn Moore, Crystal Palace Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre, UK,

The pleasant surprised looks on the patient's faces say it all. Thank you for introducing the McKenzie concept in India. Made life much easier for both the patients and us Physiotherapists. 

Abhishek Bangera. Cert. MDT, India,

I never got satisfaction treating a patient until I was introduced to MDT(McKenzie). All MDT tools have given me confidence and understanding of what my patient is suffering. I feel so happy that my patient does not require SWD, US, or any modalities. Patients are independent.

Radhika Mehta, Cert. MDT, India,