Patient Testimonials

As a recent sufferer of acute lower back pain I was fortunate to be seen and treated by Karen, a physiotherapist, who used the McKenzie Method to help me.

I have a history of back pain which, as a practicing dentist, I attribute to my daily working position. My acute lower back pain occurred when I had been for a shower and bent forward to dry my feet. The pain was severe, immediate and also caused a lateral shift in my posture. Karen's explanation as to what had happened was clear, precise and reassuring and left me in no doubt that the proposed treatment using the McKenzie Method was the best solution for my particular problem. I was treated with light manipulation and straightforward extension exercises to help centralise the pain and ultimately reduce it.

I was fortunate to be treated by someone who used the McKenzie Method as I feel it helped to correctly diagnose my problem, helped me to deal with my pain and with her help, demonstrated that I can take responsibility to help prevent further problems.

I am indebted to the knowledge and excellent care given to me. Thank you.  

Aileen, UK,

I had been suffering from terrible sciatica pain for the past six months. McKenzie treatment helped me overcome the fear that my sciatica pain is incurable. I ‘ve learnt to manage getting rid of my pain with the simple McKenzie exercises. It suits my day to day routine and I’ve easily been able to incorporate it in my daily routine. I’ve gained confidence that I too can do what every one can.

Mrs Priya Deepak Dhandha, India,