Become a Member of the McKenzie Institute India


Membership to MI India is open to five classes of Members :

  1. General Members (Life Members)
  2. Associate Members
  3. Corporate Members
  4. Foreign Members
  5. Patron Members


General Life Membership in the McKenzie Institute India offers the following advantages:

  1. Discounts on courses when offered for attending Conferences, Courses or continuing medical education programmes and such other activities,
  2. Voting rights at the AGM 
  3. For Credentialled Therapists listing on the MIA practitioner list.

The annual contribution of the membership of the McKenzie Institute India is

Become a Member

STEP 1       Download the application form and print it out
Application Form Download
STEP 2       Then send it by mail signed on the McKenzie Institute New Zealand at:

The McKenzie Institute New Zealand
PO Box 2026, Raumati Beach
New Zealand 5255

If you are having difficulty printing please request an application form by sending an email with your postal address to:

Questions and support

For questions I'm always available and will return your email as soon as possible.

Asha Menon       
Dip..MDT, BscP.T.(Bom),
Executive Director
McKenzie Institute India