Governance and Management

Board of Trustees

The McKenzie Institute International is a Charitable Trust formed in accordance with the provisions of the New Zealand Charitable Trusts Act 1957 and as such governed by a Board of Trustees. The current Trustees are as follows:

Uffe Brunø Lindstrøm

Chairman .

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Helen Clare

MII Director of Education .

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Colin Davies

Trustee .

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Lawrence S. Dott


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Thomas E. (Ted) Dreisinger

Trustee .

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Jan McKenzie-Laurence

McKenzie Family Trustee .

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F. Todd Wetzel

Orthopedic Surgeon Trustee .

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Management Team

The International Head Office of the McKenzie Institute International is located in Raumati Beach, New Zealand – the location being a pleasant seaside location 50 minutes north of Wellington where Robin McKenzie lived.

Lawrence Dott

Chief Executive Officer

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Trish Elise

Executive Assistant to the CEO

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Tanya Fulcher

MII Website Manager

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Frances Christophers

Office Administrator and Archivist

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International Education Council

The International Education Council (IEC) advises the Board of Trustees on all educational matters relating to the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT). The IEC, which comprises senior members of the Institute, is chaired by the Institute’s International Director of Education.

McKenzie Institute International Structure

International Board
of Trustees

International Director of Education
Executive Assistant for the CEO
International Education Council

International Faculty Review Committee

Office Administrator

Public Health Committee

Website Manager

International Consultant

Certified McKenzie Clinic Network