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The MDT World Press, our quarterly international online publication, serves as a forum for collaboration and a training ground for new authors in clinical, business and public education to inform, communicate, share experiences, and learn from the worldwide community of faculty, clinicians, or students interested in the further advancement of McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT).

Editorial Committee
Chris Chase PT, Dip. MDT; Kim Greene PT, Dip. MDT; Kristi Maguire PT, Dip. MDT; Michelle Miller PT, Dip. MDT; Yoav Suprun, PT, Dip. MDT

Review Commitee
Helen Clare PT, Dip. MDT; Mark Werneke PT, Dip. MDT; Stuart Horton PT, Dip. MDT; Sinnika Kilpikoski PT, Dip. MDT; Lieve Moyaert MSc PT, MT, Dip. MDT

Current Issue

Feature Commentary

Clinical Mentoring: Study Groups for Diplomates & Other MDT Practitioners

Todd Edelson, PT, DPT, Dip. MDT

Robin McKenzie regularly emphasized the importance of sharing knowledge and passing on skills and information. Read about my experience in setting up a thriving monthly study group and how you could start one too!

Branch Spotlight

25th Anniversary of the Benelux Branch

Lieve Moyaert, MSc PT, MT, Dip. MDT Benelux Branch Board Member

In 1991, the McKenzie Institute Benelux was founded. The Benelux Branch became a union between Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Branch, Benelux board members organized a symposium for all MDT Certified Clinicians and clinicians who were simply interested in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

Clinician's Perspective

The Athlete and Asymptomatic Shoulder Changes Seen on MRI

Kristi M. Maguire, PT, Dip. MDT

In the past decade, with improvements in imaging to investigate soft tissue, there has been growing evidence of significant changes in the bone, ligament, tendon and muscle that do not have pain associated with these changes.

Business & Marketing Corner

Marketing MDT Through Local Media

Timothy Mahoney, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

There’s not much that Charlottesville doesn’t have to offer, but no one here is utilizing the McKenzie Method.

When I took my job at Pantops Physical Therapy, I was the only Cert. MDT in a 25-mile radius, and Jamie and Jen Collins (owners) took this opportunity to create a marketing campaign to spread the word about my arrival.