Certified McKenzie Clinics

Being a Certified McKenzie Clinic enables providers to brand and promote their practices as using the McKenzie Method. The McKenzie Institute International Faculty and Diploma holders throughout the world are permitted to make application for consideration by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to identify their existing clinic as a "Certified McKenzie Clinic." To this effect, a formal written application is made to the CEO outlining such request and confirming compliance with the following:

  1. The name "Certified McKenzie Clinic" cannot be registered or be exclusive to any one individual clinic.
  2. Active physiotherapy utilising the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy must be administered at the Certified McKenzie Clinic. At least one of the therapists in the Certified McKenzie Clinic must hold the qualification of Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. That therapist must spend a minimum of 50% of their clinical practicing hours at that clinic. Accordingly, there can be no more than two clinics registered to any one Diplomaed MDT therapist. The clinic must have an educational policy and confirm in writing to the CEO that therapists employed within the clinic will be trained in the McKenzie Method, attending as a minimum Parts A to C of the Institute's Education Programme and, where possible, continuing through to the Credentialling or Diploma level.
  3. The Certified McKenzie Clinic must utilise the range of McKenzie products, i.e., TYOB, TYON and Original McKenzie Rolls, where appropriate.
  4. The Certified McKenzie Clinic must use the McKenzie assessment and treatment principles for all spinal and extremity patients, where appropriate.
  5. An annual fee of USD$200 will be payable to the International Office.

"Certified McKenzie Clinics" will be certified for a one year period: 1 April - 31 March in any given year, following which an application can be made to renew certification. Clinic certification and renewal of certification status will be subject to the clinic providing written confirmation that the requirements set out above continue to be met.


Certified McKenzie Clinics are eligible to be listed on the Institute's website. The Diplomaed therapist at the actual clinic must be the person listed within the Certified McKenzie Clinic Directory on the website.

Certified McKenzie Clinics will be authorised by the CEO to state on their letterhead that their clinic is a "Certified McKenzie Clinic," but they will not be permitted to use The McKenzie Institute International logo. A worldwide Register of Certified McKenzie Clinics is maintained by the International office.

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